1. Can my non-profit organization do a fundraiser campaign using The Meat Shop products?
YES, The Meat Shop provides the opportunity to non-profit organizations to do fundraisers with a selection of our product. We provide a discounted price to the organization as well as suggested retail- selling price. Contact us and we will send you order forms and Beef Pack information sheets to distribute. We ask that total # of each product be provided on a Master order sheet 2 - 3 weeks prior to picking up the product. Once order is filled, we will contact fundraiser organizer and arrange pick up date. At that time, 3 - 4 members can come and sort orders into bags and deliver (same day).

1. When can I expect to pick up my order in Edmonton?
Online orders are delivered to Edmonton on Wednesday after 2pm each week. Orders must be received by Friday noon each week to make the following Wednesday delivery. $15.00 delivery fee applies. We ask that you provide us with your credit card # prior to delivery and we will process and email you a paid copy of the invoice. We deliver to Ben's Deli. Address: 15726 Stony Plain Road NW - Store hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2. What are the directions to The Meat Shop from Wetaskiwin?
We are 4 miles east and 4 miles south of Wetaskiwin. Drive east on 40th Avenue in Wetaskiwin - head out of town and turn into Hwy 613. Turn South on Range Road 234 and drive 4 miles south. We are on the east side of the road. Here's our google map link.

1. What are the grass fed beef attributes?
Our grass fed beef is Growth Hormone and Antibiotic Free

2. Are your products GMO Free?
We have been working hard to be able to label our chicken and pork products as produced without the use of GMOs and have made a lot of progress. Basically we have had to learn to grow a type of feed beans, peas and flax that can be used to replace canola and soybean. As we are learning on how to grow these crops but we have not been able to grow enough to fill our total needs and have had to substitute with ingredients that we cannot guarantee GMO free. These substitute ingredients at this time would make up around 1 to 2 % of the animals diet so preventing us from labelling GMO free.

Our goal is within the next year be able to claim GMO free on all of our Meat products. Our production standards are all 3d party audited and certified.

3. Can you clarify "humane handling" of animals?
It means that all herd sizes require adequate human resources to ensure proper care and well being of the animals. Everyone handling cattle is familiar with their normal behaviour and uses low stress, behaviour-based cattle handling techniques. All personnel working with cattle or managing cattle facilities are experienced and properly trained regarding humane handling, equipment use, and livestock care. Most husbandry systems impose restrictions on some freedoms of cattle.

However, producers consider the following:
  • Shelter for protection and comfort
  • Feed and water to maintain optimal health
  • Freedom of movement, exercise, and opportunity to express most normal behaviors
  • Company of herd mates
  • Footing that reduces the risk of slipping
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Veterinary care, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Freedom from unnecessary pain and discomfort
  • Emergency preparedness for fire, mechanical breakdowns, and the disruption of feed supplies.
1. Do you sell roasting pigs for the BBQ pit?
YES, We dehair our roasting pigs and they are cleaned out and ready to go on the spit or in a BBQ pit. Head and feet are on. Orders must be received by Friday noon in order to have ready for the following week pick-ups. PRICE for BBQ pigs: $250 each up to 100 lbs. and $300 each over 100 lbs.

DOG FOOD (Subject to availability)
1. Do you sell dog food? What's in it?
YES. Our dog food is made up of beef, pork muscle meat and organ meat. It sells in 10 lb. bags. The food being cut into approximately 1 lb. blocks. Product is frozen so you can feed 1 block at a time and rest stays in the freezer.

1. What are sides of beef cut and wrapped?
We do not cut and wrap sides of beef per say. We have set up beef packs to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Beef Pack # 1 is around $500 and provides a 10% discount over selecting individual packages of product.

Beef Pack # 2 is around $250 and provides an 8 % discount over selecting individual packages of product.

We also have Pork Packs, Sausage Packs and Chicken Packs all of which you can view under The Meat Shop Best Value Page.

2. Can you explain the difference between sides of pork, block ready sides and whole sides?
Sides of Pork = approximately 40 kg or 90 lbs. per side.
Block Ready Side = 1 side of pork (1/2 pig) cut into 4 easy to handle pieces $155/per side
Whole sides = 1 whole side of pork dehaired. $3.40/kg

1. What is the recommended internal cooking temperature for steak?
Well done170°F
2. What is the recommended internal cooking temperature for poultry?
3. What is the recommended internal cooking temperature for pork (ex. ham, pork loin, ribs)?
Pork (pieces & whole cuts)160°F
(source: Government of Canada Food & Safety recommendations)

Please get in touch with us by phone (780) 352-6328, or email. We will take the time to answer any other questions you may have regarding our products.
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